Hi all.

Just met two bugs (?) in the xslt module.
1st. I replace HTML entities in the CDATA parts with their ascii
equivalents ('&lt;' -> '<', '&gt;' -> '>', etc.)
After XSLT transformation, '<' went back to '&lt;', while any other
remain untouched.

2nd. After the transformation, &#<ascii code>; are substituted with
their char equivalents, prepended with  character. E.g. &#174;
('registered' sign) become ® .

Could someone advise?

P.S. PHP4.0.6, Sablotron 0.6.

Best regards,
Maxim Derkachev mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
System administrator & programmer,
Symbol-Plus Publishing Ltd.
phone: +7 (812) 324-53-53
www.books.ru, www.symbol.ru 

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