I'm new to this email list . . .

But is it customary to answer a question after it's already been adequately

Not trying to step on any toes.  I just think if I were asking the question,
it would be unpleasant to continue receiving answers, especially the same
answer, after receiving one that is prompt, accurate, precise, concise, and

Likewise, if I had answered the question -- promptly, accurately, precisely,
concisely, adequately -- I would find it equally, if not more, unpleasant to
see my answer displaced, or buried, by a wash of similar answers.

Of course, it's always good to confirm things.  But can't the absence of
objection serve as confirmation?

Does anybody feel the same way?

NOTE:  There could be lag caused by network and server technologies.
Perhaps answers arrive during the time it takes a person to prepare an
answer.  These are forgivable.

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