On Sep 9, 2011, at 1:30 PM, Shawn McKenzie wrote:

> On 09/09/2011 12:04 PM, Joshua Stoutenburg wrote:
>> NOTE:  There could be lag caused by network and server technologies.
>> Perhaps answers arrive during the time it takes a person to prepare an
>> answer.  These are forgivable.
> This is the reason, same as on any other public mailing list.
> Better to receive too many responses than not enough.  Besides, more
> often than not, it's multiple methods of doing things, not always
> identical.  Not only will that never change, but it shouldn't.
> -- 
> Thanks!
> -Shawn


Okay, you got me -- I was reading this and thought "What? Didn't I just read 

Then I got the joke -- low hanging fruit indeed.



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