On 15 September 2011 14:01, chamila gayan <cgcham...@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi All,
> I'm seeing a weired behavior in following code http://pastebin.com/B5q8i1RY
> when it goes through 2 static methods, at some point it stops returning
> value to the calling method. (please see comments in-line).
> may be I'm doing this in a wrong way so your suggestions are  welcome. And I
> really appreciate if someone can explain how 'return' behaves with static
> methods specially when they are called recursively.   thanks a bunch
> chamila

New pastie http://pastebin.com/AnZ1r7yR
Output is ...
Z:\ppp.php 108parentclass::getChild 29parentclass::getChild
40parentclass::getArray 22parentclass::getChild
29parentclass::getChild 32parentclass::childload
6parentclass::childload 9childA::__construct 54childA::setA
67childA::setA 69childA::__construct 56parentclass::getChild 34childA
Object(   [a:childA:private] => 1)parentclass::getArray
24parentclass::getChild 42parentclass::getChild 44Z:\ppp.php
110Z:\ppp.php 112
Using PHP 5.3.9-dev on Win32.

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