On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 5:46 PM, Jason Pruim
> I've always thought that getting a couple fairly similar answers to the same 
> question helped to validate the answer for someone who is in the early 
> process of learning ;)
>> -nathan

Yeah, you know, I think you are right! I'd like to answer this
question the same way, even though half a dozen have already answered
it the same way.

But let me put a spin on it:


$information = <<<EOF

I got a great idea, why don't we write hundreds of books and websites
with all of our repetitive answers and call it the "information age".
Who cares if all the priceless pearls of rare knowledge are buried,
lost, and irretrievable.  We'll have the information age!

Then, after we've ushered in the information age, we'll invent a
search bot to crawl all over the heap of information and fling it
around whenever somebody asks for it!

Then, we'll all sit around on a mailing list, and when somebody comes
in seeking refuge from the flinging search bot, looking for some rare
piece of information, we'll fling all the common stuff at him instead!
 It will be hilarious!


class baboon
    $ammo = '';

    public __construct($ammo)
        $this->ammo = $ammo;

    public function flingAt($target)

$me = new baboon($information);
$you = new baboon();

// I hope everyone finds this more humorous than offensive.

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