On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 11:53:54AM -0600, Mike Hansen wrote:

> Does anyone know of a site that has an online test of PHP skills?
> I'd like to review my PHP knowledge.
> I've already run across this site:
> http://vladalexa.com/scripts/php/test/test_php_skill.html
> Thanks,
> Mike

I've had to take online PHP tests twice for recruiters. My beefs are 1)
they're not "open book", and I code with a tab open to php.net all the
time. (Who remembers which parameter comes first on which function call:
needle or haystack?) 2) They never tell you *what* you got wrong. That's
not very helpful.

Mind you, these aren't "free" tests like you're probably talking about.
They are through a vendor whom the recruiter probably pays to administer
the test.

Incidentally, despite having written an awful lot of working PHP code, I
don't do well on those tests. Helps my confidence a lot, as you can


Paul M. Foster

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