Good day,

I have a question and something that either does not work, or I have not
gotten it to work the way I want to.

I have a start page, which is a form, that takes 2 text fields and also a
Attachment field. Then it calls the first page, which is supposed to spawn
of a call to another page (I want to get the page to open server side see,
to allow the user to close the window, and the process continues in the
background) I use either passthru or have now tried system().

The problem is that I can pass my 2 text fields as arguments to the call but
I have a problem in accessing and using $_FILES now to handle the file

I have tried to pass it to a $_SESSION["FILES"] , I have even tried to
serialize the whole array and pass it also as argument and build a array on
called php page, etc, but it does not seem to do anything, or handle the

As further example, this is on the first page opened from the Form :

========= php file 1 calling to file 2 =================


$email          =   $_REQUEST['email'];
$actionDate     =   $_REQUEST['actiondate'];
$files          =   serialize($_FILES);
$command = '/usr/bin/php -f /var/www/details/Write.php '.$email.'
'.$actionDate.' '.$files.' >> php.log';


then in my called file

================ Write.php =====================


$files1         = $FILES["coms1_attachfile"];
$filename1     = $files1;


$filename1 should now be recognized file name from a file provided in the
first form, and if statement then runs the file to process to read the file,
it seems here the process either does not get any file (so filename is never
true) or the file process have no file to work with.

So I am not really sure how passthru/system works with things like arrays
and sessions and $_FILES array etc

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