I am running a server with cPanel  on and want to have php run as a cgi with
Suexec enabled

I cannot seem to rectify an issue, when I set the handler to cgi, my rewrite
rules on one of my sites stop working

Sample url: http://examplesite.com/ad/123-abcde/

The rewrite rule for this is below;

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /

RewriteRule ^ad/([0-9]+)(.*)$
./index.php/ads/ads/action/viewAd/frmAdsID/$1/adTitle/$2 [L]

Currently the php 5 handler is dso, and the rewrite rule works perfectly.

If the handler is set to cgi, the rewrite rule does not work and I the site
just displays the home page.

I am at a loss and would appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance!

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