On 11-10-01 02:03 PM, Mike Mackintosh wrote:

On Oct 1, 2011, at 1:59 PM, Ron Piggott wrote:

If $correct_answer has a value of 3 what is the correct syntax needed to use 
echo to display the value of $trivia_answer_3?

I know this is incorrect, but along the lines of what I am wanting to do:

echo $trivia_answer_$correct_answer;

$trivia_answer_1 = “1,000”;
$trivia_answer_2 = “1,250”;
$trivia_answer_3 = “2,500”;
$trivia_answer_4 = “5,000”;



Best bet would to toss this into either an object or array for simplification, 
otherwise that type of syntax would need the use of eval.

example:  eval('echo $trivia_answer_'.$correct_answer.';');

best bet would be to..

$trivia_answer = array();

$trivia_answer[1] = 1000;
$trivia_answer[2] = 1250;
$trivia_answer[3] = 2500;
$trivia_answer[4] = 5000;

echo $trivia_answer[$correct_answer];

Agreed the OP's value list isn't optimal, but eval is not needed to address the solution:


    $trivia_answer_1 = "1,000";
    $trivia_answer_2 = "1,250";
    $trivia_answer_3 = "2,500";
    $trivia_answer_4 = "5,000";

        = isset( ${'trivia_answer_'.$correct_answer} )
        ? ${'trivia_answer_'.$correct_answer}
        : 'Not found';

    echo $answer."\n";

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