On 5 Oct 2011, at 00:04, Mark Kelly wrote:

> Hi.
> On Tuesday 04 Oct 2011 at 21:39 Stuart Dallas wrote:
>> http://stut.net/2011/09/15/mysql-real-escape-string-is-not-enough/
> Thanks. I followed this link through and read the full message (having missed 
> it the first time round), and while I find the idea of using base64 to 
> sanitise text interesting I can also forsee a few difficulties:
> It would prevent anyone from accessing the database directly and getting 
> meaningful results unless the en/decode is in triggers, or maybe stored 
> procedures. No more one-off command-line queries.
> How would you search an encoded column for matching text?
> I'd be interested in any ideas folk have about these issues, or any others 
> they can envisage with this proposal.

Base64 encoding will work when the native base64 functions are available in 
MySQL which will allow you to base64 encode the data into a statement like 
INSERT INTO table SET field = FROM_BASE64("<?php echo base64_encode($data); 
?>") sorta thing. I'm still not a massive fan of that idea given that prepared 
statements are an option, but it would work.


Stuart Dallas
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