Hello all,
I am trying to use the wonderful SabreDAV library to create a webdav
share. I have a demo up and running however the framework / class i'm
using is namespaced, and SabreDAV unfortunately does not have a 5.3
style namespace declaration.

I have an spl_autoload function registered in my base controller and
so long as I prefix the classname with a \ it all works:

 $rootDirectory = new \Sabre_DAV_FS_Directory($rootDir);

// The server object is responsible for making sense out of the WebDAV protocol
$server = new \Sabre_DAV_Server($rootDirectory);

However, SabreDAV it's self has a large amount of other PHP classes
which it calls which obviously aren't prefixed with '\'

Is there a way i can tell PHP any class name that get's instanciated
with 'Sabre_' should resolve to '\Sabre' ?

Many thanks

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