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>>> Alguem sabe se, e como eu posso trabalhar com as portas do computador
>> com
>>> php no windows?
>>> Do someone know if, and how, I could work with Computer logical ports
>> with
>>> PHP on Windows?
>>> ex: shell_exec('cat /dev/usbmon0 | hexdump'); <- Linux
>> If you mean "use php to interrogate a port" I would think the answer is
>> No.
>> Computer port=client; PHP=server.

> You can if the port is a server port, i.e. you're creating a daemon.. But, if
> it is the client machine you wish to inspect, then as Jim mentioned, PHP is
> not for you and something like java may be better suited, although I'm not
> sure how much power an applet has in this area.

Nothing wrong with using PHP client-side, I run plenty of PHP scripts that way.

Cheers  --  Tim

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