I have come across an issue with my string that I would like to find a
faster way to resolve.

It seems there are new lines and returns at different positions of the


First I exploded on the new line explode(“\n”, $ string)

This gave me a nice array but when I try to implode I get the new lines

There is not a consistent position and there seems to be some hidden returns
in the array as well.


Is there a way, or has someone written a filter that would allow me to
remove all the newlines and returns from the array or string.

Understand I have resolved this issue but I think I have to be going about
this the hard way because it is just too complex .



$filter = array("\r\n", "\n", "\r");

str_replace($filter,’’,$string) ß this is useless in this situation I have
tried and it does not change the string at all.

Understand the newlines and returns do not display in the string as
literals. Meaning you do not see /n or /r it is hidden.



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