On 10/13/11 10:06, "David Savage" <dsav...@cytelcom.com> wrote:

>php -l voip_cdrs.php
>PHP Parse error:  parse error, unexpected T_STRING in
>/usr/local/cytrex/voip_cdrs.php on line 1050
>Errors parsing voip_cdrs.php
>                     $alias_sql_stmt="SELECT ani FROM ldrates WHERE
>ani='$termnum10'";    // <-----this is line 1050
>Could you please tell me what's wrong with the line 1050 ?   I've been
>pulling my hair out (figuratively speaking) trying to understand why the
>compiler sees this line as a problem.  Thanks for whatever help you can

My suspicion is that there's is an unmatched curly brace earlier in the
file. With this type of error, you'll generally get a report of a bad line
further down the file--sometimes way down--because the parser can't
recognize until it hits the later point that something is wrong. Try
double-checking that the {Š} blocks prior to line 1050 properly balance,
and you'll probably find there's an extra one, or that one is missing, etc.

If nothing else, just start stripping code from the file until you find
the line that's actually at fault. If you do this in a binary search
fashion, it won't take more than a few minutes.

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