On 11-10-16 04:10 PM, Jim Giner wrote:

What you describe is a multistep problem. There are many ways to show
pictures (images) in any order you want.

So far, the OP has only asked how to keep his "categories" in order.
Curious, yes, but he hasn't even asked how to display the images in order -
maybe he doesn't care about that..
Well, I want to deal with one part of the design at a time :)

Thanks to all who replied. This is a collective response.

Displaying in an order is easy when you have a field called "order".

SELECT descriptions FROM categories ORDER by order;

My issue is, say I have three records:

ID Category    Order

1    B&W            1
2    Landscapes 2
3    Nudes          3

I am looking for the best way to be able to change the values to

ID Category    Order

1    B&W            3
2    Landscapes 2
3    Nudes          1

Dynamically building a form, entering the new order value, and then looping through the post, with a SQL UPDATE is the best I can come up with.

A future issue will be doing the same to the table category-photograph

ID Category_id photo_id order

This table is needed to allow a photograph to be in more than one category.


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