newbie question!

Hi all,

So, I had - Geo IP Location -  installed for me on my VPS server by a network 

then I used: 

geoip_country_name_by_name(xxx) to display the country by name

basically works ok - however a few people say that my page: 

1- will display their remote ip with $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

2- ! but for some - the country name is blank.... ! (defeats the whole purpose)

- I am not sure how:  Geo IP Location actually works...  

Q: Am I correct in assuming that when a country name does NOT show - is it 
because that particular IP is NOT seen by Geo IP Location?

We just installed the latest version (I think) yesterday.... 

Is it reading from some old outdated database - or ????

Q: Is there some code that can ALWAYS tell the country name of the IP?

Dave - DealTek

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