On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 03:24:37PM -0400, Jim Giner wrote:
> If all you want to do is count the records, why are you not letting sql do 
> it for you instead of doing the while loop?  That's all that script is 
> doing, if that is the exact code you ran. 

Hi, Jim.

Thank you for replying.

One of the key concepts of troubleshooting is that when you
encounter a problem, you try to state the problem with as simple
a test case as possible, so that testing will not be complicated
by extraneous variables or code that may or may not have any
impact on the problem.

I don't want to just count the records, I want to get some work
done for a client.  That work involves processing every record in
the result set.  "Counting" is just a simple process to conduct
for the purpose of debugging this loop algorithm.

The problem is that this algorithm fails to process all the
records in the result set.

I appreciate any insights you have as to why that is happening.


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