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> 2 - Make a new content area in Site Manager->Content Manager. It doesn't
> matter what you put in your content area, you could just put "This is my new
> content area" or "Hello World" if you so choose.
> 3 - Grab the information_id of the new content area you made. When you are
> editing a content area that already exists, the information_id can be gotten
> from the update page URL.
> I'm having trouble understanding this request:
> 1.     In item #2 the client wishes to put content here, I can only guess he
> means a file with text in it. ?????
> 2.     Item #3 I know what an ID is but not in this context. I'm don't
> understand what the client wishes here.??
> Any help here would be appreciated.

I think you posted an HTML-formatted email with images to this list. That is a 
waste of time (images are stripped). You'll need to send another email 
formatted as text-only. As it stands your mail made no sense at all.

Cheers  --  Tim

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