On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 8:47 AM, Nam Gi VU <nam.gi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It is convenient to have a trailing comma when defining an array - so as
> easy to add/remove code to add/remove an entry to the array
> array(
>    'key00' => 'value00',
>    'key01' => 'value01',
>    'key02' => 'value02',
>    ...
> )
> I suggest to PHP Development team to make it available in the syntax to
> have a leading comma
> array(
>    ...
>    , 'key00' => 'value00'
>    , 'key01' => 'value01'
>    , 'key02' => 'value02'
> )
> in such way, we can thought of the leading commas as the list bulletings.
> And the same things would be lovely to be applied also to function
> parameter list. I don't see why not :)
> What do you thing about my suggestion? Hope to hear from you!

WRT functions: while I could see how this would seem like a good idea
because of the symmetry in what's going on at a very high level of
abstraction, I would be against including it in a language. I don't
particularly like it for arrays, but it does make it easy to add items
into an array, which happens pretty often in development, especially
when writing exploratory code. Function signatures, on the other hand,
probably aren't changing nearly as often.

 At the very least, I wouldn't want to encourage people to make
functions with many parameters, as it's normally a sign of poor
design. This wouldn't explicitly do so, but would do so implicitly as
it's only real purpose is to make it easier to add things.

As far as the supporting-a-leading-comma thing goes, I'm pretty
ambivalent on it. I don't really like the style outside of Haskell
code, but that's just a preference.

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