On 3 Nov 2011, at 20:22, Ing. Branislav Geržo wrote:

> I am running high loaded website and I did some profiling, because
> webservers got high load. PHP Version 5.3.8, running FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE,
> on lighttpd 1.4.29, running php-fpm on 3 servers
> xdebug is showing, that calling line "session_start()" is taking too
> much time, which I am really surprised. So I think, something is wrong
> with session handler. Please check screenshot:
> http://oi42.tinypic.com/24czlu8.jpg
> session.save_handler  memcache        
> session.save_path
> tcp://web1:11211?persistent=1&weight=1timeout=2&retry_interval=5,
> tcp://web2:11211?persistent=1&weight=1&timeout=2&retry_interval=5
> I am using pecl memcache 3.0.6

Sounds to me like an issue connecting to memcached, possibly DNS-related. How 
is the lookup of web1/web2 being performed? Have you tried the lookup on the 

Alternatively try connecting to the memcached servers using netcat or telnet - 
does that exhibit the same delay?


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd
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