On 11/8/2011 6:53 AM, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
Sorry for this slightly off-topic post and it not being connected to the thread that it originally came from, but I remember Tedd was asking about this.

I'd thought that the executable flag on files didn't do anything for things like PHP files, etc, but I've just found something that says otherwise. Seems that in some Linux systems when using the GUI, there is a switch (in Nautilus at least) that will run a text file if it has the executable flag rather than open it in a text editor, which seems to override the default file association behaviour.

That's true, especially if there is a bang path statement such as "#!/usr/bin/php" at the top of the file.

If you set the executable flag on a php file with the bang path at the top, Linux will happily start php and execute the file. I have lots of little apps and scripts that I've written to work from the command line that way. On top of that, PHP executes so much better than Perl that I don't write much in Perl any more. I just wish PEAR had better documentation.


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