On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 4:35 PM, Marc Fromm <marc.fr...@wwu.edu> wrote:
> I have this bit of code to see if a date is greater or equal to a set date.
> echo(date("m/d/Y",strtotime($jobs_effective_start)));// displays entered date 
> of 01/03/2012
> echo(date("m/d/Y",strtotime(WSOFFBEGIN))); // displays set date of 09/16/2011
> if (!(date("m/d/Y",strtotime($jobs_effective_start)) >=  
> date("m/d/Y",strtotime(WSOFFBEGIN)))) {
>                $error.="The effective start date must be AFTER 
> ".WSOFFBEGIN."\n"; unset($_POST["jobs_effective_start"]);
> }

Why in the world are you comparing the formatted display dates instead
of the numeric dates set by strtotime?

if (!strtoftime($jobs_effective_start) >= strtotime(WSOFFBEGIN))

will do what you want.

Also -- why not just set WSOFFBEGIN to the converted date value
instead of converting it each time you use it? (Assuming that's a
defined constant.)


or whatever.

If you need both forms (string and numeric) define two constants, one
dependent on the other.

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