On 11-11-16 09:27 AM, Richard Quadling wrote:
On 16 November 2011 13:56, Tim Streater<t...@clothears.org.uk>  wrote:
I'm looking at the source of a web sockets server and I see these various forms:

  "HTTP/1.1 ${status}\r\n"

Are these simply equivalent to:

  "ws://" . $host . $path
  "HTTP/1.1 " . $status . "\r\n";

and if so, is there any particular benefit to using that form? Or if not, what 
do they mean?

(I've read up about variable variables).

If you want to embed $array[CONSTANT], then the {} is used.

I use {} out of habit for non arrays. Not sure if there is an impact.

The braces are also used when the characters following the variable are also valid variable name characters :)

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