I am unsure of how to parse first name, last name and e-mail address from the 
'From:' field of an e-mail.

What I am struggling with is if the name has more than two words 
- Such as the last name being multiple words
- A name a business or department is given instead of a personal name
- If the person has included their middle name, middle initial or degrees 
- If last name has multiple words

Also the formatting of the from field changes in various e-mail programs:

From: Ron Piggott <ron.pigg...@actsministries.org>
From: "Ron Piggott" <ron.pigg...@actsministries.org>
From: ron.pigg...@actsministries.org
From: <ron.pigg...@actsministries.org>

If there is more than 2 words for the name I would like them to be assigned to 
the last name.


Ron Piggott


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