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> On 20 Nov 2011 at 10:36, Tommy Pham <tommy...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I think you're approaching this the wrong way.
> > 1) have a clear understanding of PHP - syntax, capabilities, etc.
> That's what I'm doing - gathering information about bits of PHP that I've
> not used (or not used very much) before to see how my new setup could be
> structured.
> > 2) have a clear understand of what you're intending to do -
> > application's function/purpose, features, manageability,
> > expandability, portability, etc...
> I have a clear idea about *that*. I want to figure out if it's possible to
> use web sockets with a small server written in PHP to replace my current
> structure of ajax + apache + processes (which I suppose it forks). I see
> these benefits:
> 1) possible benefit - presumably when an ajax request arrives, a new
> process is started and so PHP has to be loaded and initialised each time.
> But perhaps this is in some way optimised so the PHP process is left
> running and apache then just tells it to read/execute a new script.

Did you check http://php-fpm.org/

> 2) Definite benefit - when a browser makes an ajax request to run a
> script, it gets no information back until the script completes. Then it
> gets all of it. I have a couple of unsatisfactory workarounds for that in
> my existing structure. Websockets appears to offer a way for the browser to
> receive timely information.
> > 3) understand design patterns
> I don't know what this means.
> > What your asking is practically impossible in any programming language
> > akin to 'how to un-import packages in Java' or 'how to un-using
> > namespace in C#'.  If you don't want to use it, don't include it ;)
> I do want to use it but would like to be able to replace it with a newer
> version. If there is no way to do this then that is a data point.
> And here's another question. Can a child forked by pcntl_fork() use a
> socket that the parent obtained? Reading the socket stuff in the PHP doc,
> there are a number of user-supplied notes hinting this might be problematic.
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> Cheers  --  Tim
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