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> muad shibani <muad.shib...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > i wanna to create one table that contains both news and articles posts,
> > they have similar columns like id, title, content, and date but they are
> > differ in one column = the source of news or article post
> > article has  writers that have permanent names and pictures obtained from
> > another table called writers that supposed to be  left joined with the news
> > table, while news posts simply have a source as text like AFP
> > or Reuters and so one.
> > 
> > How I can solve this ?
> How you store things in tables can sometimes get a little tricky. One
> way to approach this is with normalized tables and using joins in your
> query like you are doing. To make this work, in your main entries table,
> have a field that indicates what the entry type is. If you are doing one
> select that gets both articles and news stories, having that extra field
> can help you distinguish what type it is, and which fields contain data
> in each record.
> (cf: Wordpress wp_posts table for an example of how this is done. They
> store posts, pages, and attachments in a single table this way. I can't
> say if this is a better arrangement than keeping them in separate
> tables.)

I've had to hack this table. It's a prime example of bad design. Take a
long look at the records of this table in an active blog, with a survey
of each of the fields and their values. You'll see what I mean.


Paul M. Foster

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