On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 06:47:36PM -0500, David McGlone wrote:

> Hi all, I am wondering if it's possible to find the bookmarks file in
> firefox and output the contents on a page with PHP.. I'm wanting to do
> this so I can use it as my home page.

The answer to this is not in PHP; it can be done in Firefox by itself.
It's been a long time since I set this up, but if I'm not mistaken, the
procedure goes like this:

1. In Firefox, enter about:config in the URL bar. (Ignore warnings.)
2. You are now in the raw configs. Search for a key called
browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML. Set this to 2. This should cause
Firefox to dump the contents of it places.sqlite file to a file called
bookmarks.html when Firefox is closed.
3. Find another key called browser.startup.homepage. Set this to the
absolute path of a file called bookmarks.html in your Firefox file tree.
The path will be something like (in Linux):
/home/<username>/.mozilla/firefox/<random string>.default/bookmarks.html.
(Obviously, you'll have to locate this file ahead of time.)

If this isn't the exact procedure, it's close. You can dig into the
Firefox docs to get the exact values or keys if these aren't right. (For
example, I don't know why the first key I mentioned is 2 instead of 1.)

Anyway, I have my Firefox set up this way.


Paul M. Foster

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