Grega Leskovšek <> wrote:

> That is problem on my server, but also an issue of knowledge.
> I need to access my css/js/pic files with absolute addressing(starting
> with /)  I can do this on my home server if I start from /var/www and
> not from /var/www/peace-refuge/, but when I upload to server
> in the www/ (my root dir) the thing doesn't work any more.
> What do I need to write in .htaccess file in base dir
> to mark for example /www/ is base dir and when accessing a file with /my.css
> will look in /www/my.css address and not in somewhere else I do not
> where and I do not know how to figure that out?
> I tried this
> RewriteBase /www/
> writing in the file /www/.htaccess
> but it doesn’t work. Please help me! Thanks in advance, Grega from Slovenia

If /var/www is your DocumentRoot in your httpd.conf file, the above
won't work. If your application is rooted at /var/www, then you don't
need any rewrite rules to get /my.css to work if it is already in the
DocumentRoot for the site.

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