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On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 11:00 PM, Marc Fromm<marc.fr...@wwu.edu>  wrote:
I'm puzzled why the if statement executes as true when the first date 
(job_closedate) is not less than the second date (now).
The if statement claims that "12/02/2011" is less than "11/30/2011".

                if (date("m/d/Y",strtotime($jobs_closedate))<= 

You're comparing strings here, try to compare the unix timestamp:

if (strtotime($jobs_closedate)<= strtotime("now")){

That'll probably do what you want..


Another way to do it would be:
if(strtotime($jobs_closedate)<=time()) {


if(date("Y-m-d",strtotime($job_closedate))<=date("Y-m-d",time()) {

Take care,

As of PHP 5.2.2 direct comparison of DateTime objects is also possible. So:
$closeDate = new DateTime($jobs_closedate);
$now = new DateTime('now');
if($closeDate < $now) {
   echo $closeDate->format('m/d/Y'); // output in US date format
   echo $now->format('m/d/Y'); // output in US date format
$error .= "The close date must be later than today's date, " . $now->format('m/d/Y') . "\n";

This, IMO is a lot prettier.
- Tul

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