On 12/13/2011 5:43 PM, Nils Leideck wrote:
Anyone?    :-(

is my description too unclear?

On 11.12.2011, at 11:25, Nils Leideck wrote:

this is my first post to the PHP general list.
I have an issue with a variable variable 

My use case:

I have an array called $myArray. The structure is as following:

array(1) {
  array(1) {
    array(1) {
      array(5) {
        string(6) "red"

As you can see, the item_number_one has no direct color value assigned but the 
structure of the path to item_number_one in the $myArray variable. I tried with 
array_wal_resursive. During this step (the array building is completed) I want 
to find these values (I use a static value in my example, in the real code I 
will use regular expressions) and assign the value of the virtually related 
item to the considered item.

So in my example above, I want to have the following values after the process 
is done:

$myArray[user_interface][design][my_colors][item_mumber_one] = red; // this is 
item number 1
$myArray[user_interface][design][my_colors][item_mumber_two] = red; // this 
should be item number 2

The second issue here is, how do I evaluate at which point the process is 
exactly, because the value and the key that is transferred to the function by 
array_walk_recursive has only the value itself but not array path to the 
current item.

Any idea how get this done? Or am I too complicated maybe?

I tried several combinations of ${$var}, $myArray{$var}, {$myArray}{$var} ... 
and many more.

Any help is much much appreciated!

Cheers, Nils

I'm short of time to conjure this in detail; but, on the surface it seems like nested foreach()s would do the trick.

foreach($myArray as $key1 => $userArray)
    foreach($userArray as $key2 => $designArray)
        foreach($designArray as $key3 => $colorsArray)
           foreach($colorsArray as $key4=>$itemsArray){
               //do stuff here. All keys are available


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