On Dec 14, 2011, at 7:59 AM, Rick Dwyer wrote:

> Hello all.
> Can someone tell me which of the following is preferred and why?
> echo "<a style='text-align:left;size:14;font-weight:bold' 
> href='/mypage.php/$page_id'>$page_name</a><br>";
> echo "<a style='text-align:left;size:14;font-weight:bold' 
> href='/mypage.php/".$page_id."'>".$page_name."</a><br>";
> When I come across the above code in line 1, I have been changing it to what 
> you see in line 2 for no other reason than it delineates out better in 
> BBEdit.  Is this just a preference choice or is one method better than the 
> other?
> --Rick


My advice, take all the style elements out of the anchor tag.

echo("<a href='/mypage.php/$page_id'>$page_name</a>");

Even the '<br>' can be (perhaps should be) handled by css.




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