Simple change :


to :

    mysql_fetch_array or

By default, mysql_fetch_array will allow for :

    $row[2] and $row['fieldname']

And mysql_fetch_row will allow for :


And as you know, mysql_fetch_object allows for :


See the manual for examples and explanation :

Also, consider using print or echo as opposed to printf.  And lastly, you 
really don't need to use mysql_free_result, PHP does this automagically 
after the script dies.  Sorry for picking on you, you may have your 
reasons. ;-)


James W Greene wrote:

> Hi All,
>     I am trying to pull info out of a table and assign a var name to each
> field...  I seem to be having trouble.  I have tried to do $var = $row[0]
> but that does not seem to do it.  I have included what is working below. 
> I would like to have each element of the array stored in a seperate
> variable
> for use on a  web page. Thanks
> JG
> <?php
> $stmt = 'SELECT * FROM custdata WHERE UserName like "fred"';
> mysql_connect($localhost,test,testme);
> $result = mysql_db_query("test",$stmt) ;
> while($row = mysql_fetch_object($result)) {
> //** doing this now**//
> printf("%s",
>  $row->UserName) ;
> // **Would like to do something like**//
> // $user = $row[0]; //
> }
> mysql_free_result($result);
> ?>

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