I encountered a problem while configured virtual host. My experiment
environment is Apache2+fastcgi+php-cgi.

I want to implement mass virtual hosting using rewrite rules based on
apache rewrite module. That is, for a request url like:
http://1000.xyz.com/test.php, apache will translate it to a absolute file
path like: $DOCUMENT_ROOT/1000/test.php, and then get this script to

And my conf is:
*        RewriteEngine On*
*        RewriteCond "%{HTTP_HOST}" "!^www.xyz.com"*
*        RewriteCond "%{HTTP_HOST}" "^([^.]+)\.xyz\.com" [NC]*
*        RewriteRule "(.*)" "/%1$1" [PT]*
I use inner redirection in order not to expose this detail to users.
Besides, I succeeded when I use external redirection, namely the [R] tag
instead of [PT] tag.
When I use [PT] tag, apache cannot run expectedly. I request a url :
http://1000.xyz.com/test.php, error message pops out like: The requested
URL /1000/cgi-bin/php.fcgi/1000/test.php was not found on this server.

I don't know if this error results from fastcgi, is it the inappropriate
config in fastcgi or inevitable problem by using it?

Really appreciate your help.


Best regards,

Rui Hu
State Key Laboratory of Networking & Switching Technology
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT)
MSN: tchrb...@gmail.com

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