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>On 2011-12-26, at 7:04 AM, "Francisco M. Marzoa Alonso"
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>> Hello,
>> I need an alternative session control system different from the PHP
>> standard one, that does not need to use the headers, because it's for
>> series of scripts that will be accessed through AJAX javascript code
>> inserted in different places of a web page which headers I do not
>> control, so I cannot do an start_session before headers sent or
>> setcookies neither.
>> I have an idea on how to solve this, based on client IP, but if there
>> something done yet, I do not want to reinvent the wheel from scratch.
>> Thanks a lot in advance,
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>The initial page load will contain some HTML and the js code needed for
>the app to work. This is the perfect place to launch the session and
>set the session cookie and the standard HTML headers. Ajax will only
>start after that initial page load and won't affect the first time the
>app is accessed
>Bastien Koert
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Also, won't the session headers get passed automatically by javascript when it 
makes an ajax call? I know embedded plugins (media players, flash, etc) won't, 
but the browser should for everything it has control of.


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