Hi folks,

Onion 0.0.11 has been released, a bundle feature is included.

You can use Onion to build your PEAR package very very easily through a
package.ini meta config file.

Through that, you can also install the PEAR package dependencies into local

So the package can be bundled easily, and can be compiled into a phar file
(through onion "compile" command") with a built-in PSR-0 classloader.

Blog post:

Onion is hosted on GitHub

You can download a standalone onion executable here:

curl https://github.com/c9s/Onion/raw/master/onion.phar > ~/bin/onion.phar

Run onion.phar to see the available commands:

      $  php onion.phar

Best Regards,

Yo-An Lin (c9s)

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