Actually for what I need this is exactly what i was looking for.  I am 
converting an asp page that was calculating this difference using VBA functions 
and I was trying to duplicate things as they were in that page. 


Thank you


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So far in looking at the functions that are available at I have not been able 



out how to do what I need to do. Below is a snippet showing 


what I am trying to do. 

On the same page you are referring, there are plenty of examples on 

how to 

calculate the difference between two dates. Choose one and see if it 


your bill. Or is there any particular reason why you're writing your 


function? /frank -- PHP 
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since you have everything in database tables why not to do this calculation on 
database side which would be much appropriate place ? /* columns date_start = 
'2011-02-08'; date_end = ' 2011-03-04'; */ select DATEDIFF(date_end, 
date_start); - 

I looked at this answer and see the date is from an array of a database and not 
2 fields with in the table. While the DATEDIFF() is very useful in queries this 
will not help you unless both fields are in the table. Try this example 
$dteStartDate[$intCnt] = new DateTime($row[10]); $dteEndDate[$intCnt] =new 
DateTime($row[11]); $interval = 
$dteStartDate[$intCnt]->diff($dteEndDate[$intCnt]); echo 
$interval->format('%R%a days'); 

well then look deeper in the question:  

"I have a page I am trying to create where I am comparing the values of two
MySQL date fields with the current date. One of the MySQL Date fields is a 
class start date, the other is the class end date."

all needs to do is modify his query.

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