it will be somewhere in php's search path. you'd be better off trying search for a file of the same name.

cd /usr/lib/php5
find . -iname "vB_ProfileBlock*"

if you have locate installed, try: "locate vB_ProfileBlock"


On 1/6/2012 6:11 AM, Dotan Cohen wrote:
In a large application that I am tasked with maintaining (vBulletin)
there is a particular class that is used:
vB_ProfileBlock_VisitorMessaging. I know the file that it is defined
in, but I cannot find the file that actually creates a
vB_ProfileBlock_VisitorMessaging object. I tried the brute-force grep
approach, but the only place where I see the class mentioned is in the
class declaration itself:
[dev@localhost forum]$ grep -ir "vB_ProfileBlock_VisitorMessaging" *
includes/class_profileblock.php:class vB_ProfileBlock_VisitorMessaging
extends vB_ProfileBlock

I know that this class is used as there is a page that is obviously
using it. I have tried playing be-the-PHP-parser with that file, but
it goes on to include() about a dozen other files, each of which
include() another dozen files! This server does not and cannot have a
debugger. What else can I do to find where this class object is


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