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"If the loan amount is $68500.00, the insurace will be based on
$69000.00 as the amount is always rounded up to the next $1000."

The round() function only rounds decimal values. You can use this to emulate 
rounding to a near power of ten by dividing, rounding, then multiplying again. 
i.e. echo "<br>" . round(68500/1000) * 1000 . " ROUNDED";

You can also pass a second parameter to round() that indicates the precision to 
round to. If you pass a negative precision value, you can round to higher-order 
digits. For example, pass -3 to round to the nearest thousand.

Having said that, based on the quote above, I believe this would be an 
incorrect solution to the problem. It sounds like the value is simply always 
rounded up to the nearest thousand, which means round() is not the function to 
use as it will sometimes round down. Instead ceil() should be used, as it 
always rounds up to the next whole number/integer. It lacks a precision 
argument, however, so the OP would need to use the divide-adjust-multiple trick 
you provided to make it work. That is, something like this:

$newValue = ceil(68500 / 1000) * 1000

Numbers smaller than 1000 will need to be handled as an edge case, since this 
algorithm will "adjust" them to zero for you (same as when using round(), 
incidentally). If negative numbers are valid inputs, they'll also need careful 
review to ensure correct behavior.

Hope that helps.

Bob Williams

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