Hello folks,

any chance this one is ever fixed?

I am a customer of 1&1. They told me they will not upgrade until this
one is fixed. Imagine that there are thousands of customers running
php 5.2.17 just because of this issue. Unfortunately I am not able to
fix this on myself - my C-fu is not good enough.

Because big hosters like 1&1 do not upgrade, we (the Apache log4php
team) cannot make use of newer PHP versions too. We have decided to
use the features once we see the old hosters move on. Same is true for
other projects of mine. If we would upgrade we loose all the people on
the big hosting companies.

I think it is in the interest of the PHP-dev team to see people moving
on. Otherwise at someday software like phpBB, wordpress et al will not
work on many hosts at some day in future.

Not sure if there has been any plans on this issue - i am very much
interested in this and would like know if it is already on the


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