PHP noob here. I've been working on writing a script (command-line) that
forks a number of children to do various tasks. I've been using
pcntl_waitpid inside a loop to wait for the children to exit, act on the
results, and fork another copy of the child. Where I seem to be running
into trouble is in managing communication between child and parent, so that
the parent has an indication of result inside the child.

In the past, I've done this in Perl using something along the lines of:


In Perl, this has the effect of forking the process and attaching the
STDOUT of the child to FILEHANDLE on the parent. Thus, when the child
exits, I read FILEHANDLE to get the output from the child.

Is there a similar way of achieving a similar result in PHP? Am I crazy? So
far, I have tried to communicate between the processes using sockets
(socket_create_pair). However, this seems to be a dead-end, I get a
"connection reset by peer" when I try to socket_read() from the parent. I
assume this is because the socket is closed by the exit of the child.

Any insight or criticism is appreciated.

Thomas Johnson
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