> Maybe my subject line is not descriptive as I wish, but I just did not
> how to put on it.
> I have the following problem, I'm using jQuery to make a slide effect
> (horizontal), everything seems to be working find, but I have to add a
> with a white color background, I did this by CSS, now I have 6 pages in
> this is managed by wp anyway, it shows the white bakground mask in every
> page, and I want it to show in every page but not the home page; 

Carlos, this looks like it would better suit your support needs to post this
question on the wordpress.org forums. Here is what I can tell you, you need
to make use of the functions built into WP and the theme you are using. The
function(s) you need to use are as such:
etc and you can find the documentation in the Wordpress Codex here

You could, alternatively, create your slider as a plugin; create a shortcode
hook, and then call the sliders to the page with the shortcode in the
dashboard WYSIWYG for that page/post.

Marc Hall
HallMarc Websites

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