On 12-01-23 09:29 PM, Alex Nikitin wrote:
Have you done image processing? In my experience, with image
generation, photography and processing, typically you are bound by
resources when processing large amount of files than your connection,
or sometimes even disk io.

It really depends on what you're doing with images, if it's intensive processing that's already implemented in the gd or imagick library to which you can just punt, then how much overhead do you think PHP is really going to add since these are C implemented libraries? Sure, if you are manipulating pixels one by one within your PHP code you may be running into resource issues, but for scaling images, or cropping, or even clipping and overlaying... you're not usually doing a whole lot within PHP itself. The love is happening in the C code in these cases. This is why when working with these libs you get a resource handle and not a string. The resource handle almost certainly maps to a native GD or imagick structure.

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