>  When I open 1.php a 1K
>  file is created on the server and the contents
>  (my_session_variable|s:10:"some value";).
>  When I open 2.php afterwards a 0K file is created on the
>  server which is empty.

This is the problem. For some reason, the 2nd page is creating a new 
session when it shouldn't. Now the question becomes one of:  what is 
causing the new session to be created?

in php.ini is session.use_cookies = 1
If not, try setting that then restarting apache.

Else is using trans_sid, you need to make a link in 1.php that takes 
you to 2.php in order for the magic to occur where ?PHP_SESSID=... 
gets added to the URL automatically.  If you just type in 1.php and 
then type in 2.php the session variable is not automatically sent 

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