Maybe the hacker got into the httpd.conf and set the auto-prepend setting
to a file that contained the message.


At 00:34 20/07/2001 +0300, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>Hi Jean-Francois!
>On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Jean-Francois Jauvin wrote:
> > Hi, my server with php on it has been "hacked" or something....., what
> > appened is every PHP pages displayed a certain message like "Hacked by blah
> > blah blah...".
> > None of the HTML pages were affected, only the PHP ones....
> > but the scripts were not altered, I've shut down IIS,  reinstalled PHP, and
>Ah, IIS, the magic word.
>Maybe you have  been hacked by the Bady worm, I saw it in action in the
>test lab :)
>-- teodor
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