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> > is there any free server where one can practice php(myadmin) - sql
> without
> > installing on personal computer?
> >
> Not that I know of. There may be some, but I wouldn't bother. You can
> find
> Virtualbox server images pre-made from sites such as this:
> http://virtualboxes.org/images/ubuntu/
> #5 has apache, mysql and php installed (a LAMP package). You can use
> Virtualbox to run the server virtually, without having to install
> everything on your dev computer. Similar packages for Xen and VMWare
> are
> available, just go googling.
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I might suggest you read about the security issues when using phpmyadmin and 
understand how to secure it as well. I would never use the script personally 
because of the limitations and the measures you have to put in place to secure 
it are exhausting and limited by hosting providers .
I would always work locally to ensure stability and ensuring that bad sql 
statements do not take down your service. 

Just my thoughts about phpmyadmin

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