Curtis Maurand schrieb:
Hendrik Schmieder wrote:
 > Hello,
 > Is there a SSPI php extension ?
 > I only found a perl extension sofar.
 > (
 > I want to make what is written on the above side for the server in php.
 > with best regards
 > Hendrik
> Apache has one (mod_auth_sspi)

This doesn't help me since the php script isn't executed in the context of apache nor IIS.

The function in the php script has two arguments, both string.
The first argument ($username) has the form n...@domain.tld, the second is some sort of token .

Now the php function should check if the token is valid and if it is also possible to check if the token is for the user given by the first argument.

keyword : Windows athentification.

with best regards


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