> 1) Do smart phones use the same browsers as the desktop, or do they have
> their own stripped down versions of browsers?

Different browsers, some of which are worse than IE (see Blackberry).

> 2) When a browser broadcasts its header telling the server what kind of
> browser is involved, do they broadcast anything in the header to
> indicate that they're being run on a smart phone?

Nothing so specific or easy to identify as "i am a smartphone".
Depending on your target audience, simple regex checks for the strings
"iphone", "android", etc. can do the trick, but if you want specific
details about the device...

> 3) Bonus question: Is there a preferred method amongst coders to
> determine what type of environment is being browsed from, so as to serve
> up the proper type of page (desktop or smart phone version of a
> webpage)?

... the WURFL database and things akin to it or based on / stolen from
it can help parse the header string and return a plethora of
information about it (screen size, AJAX ability, markup capacity,


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