Hi Paul,

Swiftlet implements PSR-0, an unofficial standard that many of the
larger frameworks seem to be adopting. It simply maps namespaces to a
path, e.g. Foo\Bar\Baz translates to Foo/Bar/Baz.php. The advantage is
that you should be able to drop in third-party libraries which are
included by the same autoloader and without naming conflicts.



> > Hi Simon,
> >
> > I think you're right that I may be abusing the constructor a bit. I'm going
> > to follow your suggestion and split it up into smaller functions. I'm also
> > thinking of moving the set_error_handler and spl_autoload_register
> > functions to index.php where Swiftlet is bootstrapped so they can be
> > changed.
> I didn't look thoroughly at your code (though, if the respondent's
> perceptions were correct, I'd have to agree with his prescriptions for
> improvement). But I wanted to make a comment about autoloaders, since
> you mentioned it.
> My philosophy, since autoloading was introduced, was that it was a cool
> way to avoid having a lot of complicated file inclusion calls all over
> the place. Just tell the autoloader function where different types of
> files were located, and then just instantiate classes as you like. Easy.
> But I recently did some work for one of these companies with a million
> file internally developed framework. And at the top of each file, they'd
> include a require_once() (or similar) call for each of the files which
> would be called if you needed to instantiate a class from any of those
> files. So rather than putting all the magic in an autoloader function,
> they'd simply include the file where they knew it would be needed.
> (E.g., you know you're going to be calling your Date class in this file,
> so you put a require_once() call to the file that contains it at the top
> of this file.)
> The more I've thought about it since then, the more I've considered it a
> Good Thing(tm). It makes troubleshooting existing code a whole lot
> easier. I don't have to wonder what the autoloader is doing or where the
> files are, on which the current file depends. It sort of obviates the
> autoloader stuff, but I'd rather do that than spend hours trying to
> track down which file in which directory contains the class which paints
> the screen blue or whatever. (Yes, I'm aware that require_once()
> introduces some latency.)
> Just something to consider.
> Paul
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> Paul M. Foster
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