Richard S. Crawford wrote:

> Bear with me here. I have a problem with PHP and MySQL that's been
> stumping me for a couple of days now. I'm not even sure how to describe
> it, so I'll just do my best.
> There's a row in our bugs database that looks like every other row in the
> table, but when it's pulled from the database and displayed in PHP, the
> "description" field -- which is defined as a "mediumtext" field -- is
> displayed as a date field with a value of 12/31/1969. Moreoever, when I
> use PHPMyAdmin to look at the row directly, the "description" field has
> the data that I expect it to.
> Just for fun, here's the text in question:
> ============================
> Quarterly Course Set Up - Spring 2012 (114)
> Section  Course title                                    Course Start Date
> 114MHI214 The Internet and the Future of Patient Care     04/02/2012
> 114MHI212 Health Information Systems Analysis and Design  04/02/2012
> Program administrator 2 users; Laurel Aroner - Susan Catron - Jennifer
> Kremer
> Instructors;
> MHI214; Peter Yellowlees
> MHI212; Robert Balch
> Per instructions from Rita Smith-Simms - I'm creating this task for myself
> and based on instructions given which are that all listed courses are now
> to be backed-up and restored sooner (original course set up time-frame was
> a month before course starts).
> Adding instructions - Follow the 52-step quarterly course set up process
> and information from the course matrix; if matrix incomplete, input
> information during this set up
> As you track your time each day, please include in the notes which courses
> (use project code) you worked on and indicate either working on or
> completed.
> Create and notify by 2/15/2012
> ============================
> I've made sure there are no odd characters that would mess up how PHP is
> displaying the text. I've tried changing the field type from "mediumtext"
> to "text" but this didn't work.
> If anyone has any ideas as to why this might be happening -- or if I just
> wasn't clear -- please let me know.

If phpmyadmin gives expected results and _your_ code doesn't, I'd be
suspicious of your code :-)

It might be helpful for you to post relevant part(s) ofthe actual code you
are using.

David Robley

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