On Thu, 2012-02-16 at 14:50 -0500, John Taylor-Johnston wrote:

> I'm a top quoter.
> I would parse the text first. Phrase by phrase, or phrase segments.
> Then spit out a report.
> Marc Guay wrote:
> > If that's not good enough, can you explain how you would like it to
> > function?  Would the whole paper be scanned phrase-by-phrase for
> > matches and then spit out a report?

You might be a top quoter but, please, to get the best from this list
and not annoy people post at the bottom. The list gets archived online
at many places, and it's annoying to read things in this order:

reply 4
>>reply 2
>>>reply 1
>reply 3

Almost every email client I know of allows bottom posting. This is just
one of the rules of this list, please don't be offended, but do try to
keep to the rules, it keeps everyone happy, and happy people are helpful


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